"A Pack of Thornberrys" is the fifty-seventh episode of The Wild Thornberrys, and the last episode produced for the second season.


As the family crosses the US-Canada border into the Untied States, the girls get into a fight,Debbie telling Eliza to keep quiet as the younger girl speaks aloud writing into her dairy/journal. A full day passes and the girls have not spoken to one another. Another problem arises though, Yellowstone National Park had not gotten the Thornberry's request to film in the park. Nigel had forgotten to mail the letter, but hands it to the park ranger.

Eliza notices a pack of wolves running across an open feild and comments on them. The Thornberrys then make camp in an actual campsite, and Eliza's and Debbie's fight escalates a bit further. Debbie reveals that she had been sent a pamphlet by Sophie, Marianne's mother, for an all girls boarding school in the Untied States.

Eliza goes off to find the wolf pack while Debbie goes with her mother to interview at the school. Eliza convinces one of the wolves to strike out on his own. Things take a turn when the wolf is accused of killing a sheep.

Debbie and Marianne tour the campus of the boarding school where no one under fourteen is accepted into the school. Marianne grows uneasy while Debbie is loving every minute of it.

Eliza takes Darwin and Donnie, who's hair got covered in marshmallows while they were roasting them, to find the wolf that Eliza had persuaded to leave the pack. She finds him and cleans him up. The wolf heads back to the cave while they head back to the camp. But they are stopped by a hungry bear.

Debbie watches as a girl her age doesn't get in the school. She goes into interview, and spouts random animal facts.

The Park Ranger gets a radio call citing the wolf hadn't taken the sheep. The sheep had returned.

Mariane and Debbie return to find the campsite devoid of family members. They go looking for Nigel, Eliza, Donnie and Darwin, with Debbie sporting a sweater for the Boarding school. Both Nigel and the Ranger and Debbie and Marianne come across the bear about to attack Eliza, Donnie and Darwin because of the Marshmallows in Donnie's hair.,

The wolf pack comes to Eliza's rescue. Once Eliza and the others are safe Debbie remarks on Eliza shouldn't put herself in danger while she's not there. Debbie opt not to attend the boarding school and the wolf returns to his pack.

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