"A Robot for All Seasons" is the fourteenth episode of My Life as a Teenage Robot, and also the first episode aired in the show's second season (although it is actually the season's fifth episode in production order) as well as the show's Christmas episode. It was originally broadcast as part of Nick's Ha-Ha Holidays on December 8, 2004.


Jenny meets a kid named Todd Sweeney. He's a spoiled brat who acts like a poor do-gooder. He convinces Jenny to be his "Robot" for Christmas and she agrees, not expecting him to override her original programming. Todd reprograms Jenny to do a whole year of evil... up until his plan to eliminate Christmas. If Jenny can't find a way to stop this pint-size grinch, it's not going to be a merry Christmas for anyone.

Home video releases

  • Nick Picks: Holiday
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot: Season Two

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