"A Very McNulty Birthday" is the second segment of the 93rd episode of Rugrats.


Didi and Betty take their kids along with Chuckie, Angelica and Susie to Timmy McNulty's birthday party at his house. Timmy wants to play cavemen with most of the babies but excludes Lil, Susie and Angelica as he doesn't want to play with girls and says they have cooties. In the bedroom, the girls are angry at Timmy and sad that they can't play with the boys so they put green facepaint dots on their hands, faces, legs and clothes and pretend to be monsters. Meanwhile Tommy, Chuckie and Phil want to cure the girls so they go in wearing caps, gloves and onesies but Chuckie takes his cap off and as they run away he gets some facepaint on his leg, he thinks he's caught the cooties. Lil and Susie try to reassure him but Angelica thinks they all have to be scary so they go around scaring the boys. Tommy and Phil get some lollipops they think will cure them as when he goes to the doctors the lollipops make him feel better, so all the babies go outside and Tommy and Phil give the girls and Chuckie lollipops and the rain washes the paint off so they have fun together.


  • Rugrats: Season 5
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