"Aaughh!! Wilderness!!" is the second segment of the twelfth episode of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.


Hugh takes Jimmy, Sheen, and Carl on a camping trip into the wilderness, allowing no technology and refusing to take much of the equipment whatsoever. Also if Carl & Sheen refuse to come camping, Jimmy will be forced to show these embarrassing photos of the two playing with beach dolls to the whole school.

Jimmy sets the camp and he had a hologram named Rayburn. When Hugh comes back he destroys the camp and he tells the kids that it is all Jimmy's fault. When Hugh takes them on the trail, it becomes dark. They hear a bear and they see a squirrel, but right above the squirrel was a bear. Hugh, Jimmy, Sheen and Carl run around and get chased by the bear. When they get to cliff, Jimmy finds rocks and he told Hugh to make fire and he also tells Sheen and Carl to help him distract the bear. When Hugh lights up a torch, but the bear swats it out of Hugh's hands and it falls into the ground but then, Goddard shows up. He roars at the bear and the bear runs away in fear. Judy arrives and she told them Goddard attracted the explosion of their camp. So they have camp in their yard.


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