Random! Cartoons
"Adventure Time"
Season 1, Episode 2B
Adventure Time
Original air date: December 7, 2008
Written by: Pendleton Ward
Directed by: Larry Leichliter
Hugo Morales
Pendleton Ward
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"The Finster Finster Show" "Mind the Kitty"
"Adventure Time" is the second segment of the 2nd episode of Random! Cartoons, originally produced in 2006 and uploaded as a viral video in 2007. Pitched with the intention of becoming a series on Nickelodeon, it was turned down twice (as "it was too weird") and eventually picked up for a series on Cartoon Network.



Original storyboard for the short

The short focuses on a human boy named Pen (renamed Finn in the series proper) and a dog named Jake as they learn from the Rainicorn that the Ice King has kidnapped Princess Bubblegum, in the hope of marrying her. Declaring that it's "Adventure Time", Pen and Jake set off to the Ice King's mountain lair. Pen and the Ice King fight while Jake remains outside flirting with Lady Rainicorn, ignoring the battle. Just when Pen seems to be gaining the upper hand, the Ice King uses his "frozen lightning bolts" to freeze Pen in a block of ice. For unexplained reasons, this transports Pen's mind back in time, and to Mars, where he has a short motivational conversation with Abraham Lincoln. After being told to believe in himself, Pen's mind is returned to the present, where he breaks out of the ice, just in time to see the Ice King fly away with Princess Bubblegum. Chasing after him using Jake's extendable legs, Pen rescues the princess from the Ice King's grasp. Jake pushes the magical crown off the Ice King's head, thereby removing the King's source of power. The Ice King then plummets off screen, yelling a long list of complex threats of things he will do when he returns. The story closes with Princess Bubblegum giving Pen a kiss; he enjoys it, but is also greatly embarrassed by the act. He attempts to leave, but Jake claims that they have nowhere else to go and that there are no adventures that need them. However, some nearby ninjas are stealing an old man's diamonds, and they both run off in pursuit.




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