Alfie Reshef

Alfie Reshef is an Eagles student at the Greenhouse and is one of the main characters of the the Greenhouse show. He's played by Yadin Goldman.


Alfie is a young man with black hair and blue eyes. He wears a yellow tennis t-shirt with the Eagles crest on it along with some shorts and a purple towel around his shoulders.


In the start of the Greenhouse Alfie is the new kid in the Eagles and is usually picked on quite a bit. However as the season progresses he begins to get to know them a bit better and even builds up a relationship with Natalie Klein, who is the daughter of the principle at the Greenhouse, thanks to their shared love of tennis.

He also has a bit of a fling with Sophie too, due to them both getting into trouble at multiple times and for Alfie standing up for Sophie when her news stories get a bit awkward.

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