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All That's second season ran from October 7, 1995 to October 12, 1996. This season contained 22 episodes.

This season is similar to season one, because this season stars the same cast members and is also taped in Orlando, Florida. After the next season ended the show moved out of Florida and moved to Nickelodeon On Sunset (formerly The Aquarius Theater) in Hollywood, California. Season 2 is also the final season for Angelique Bates, whose contract with the show was not renewed.[1]

The intro for the second season is the same as the first season.

The producers thought that Mitchell and Thompson had good chemistry on the show together. From there, the duo would begin starring on their own show, Kenan & Kel. The show debuted near the end of this season, with Mitchell and Thompson performing on both shows and doing other promotional work for the network.

This was the first season to air on The '90s Are All That block on TeenNick on July 25, 2011; however the musical guests are not shown on the TeenNick re-airings.[2]


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2 17 "Monica" October 14, 1995 (1995-10-14) 217
*Green Room-Cast Directors: The cast members pretend to be the director in order to trick Kevin into doing embarrassing things, such as drinking a bottle of hot sauce with no water, smacking his own face, and going into the Tiger Room.

*Ishboo celebrates his birthday in unusual ways.
*Island Girls: Fran (Lori Beth) and Kiki (Alisa) are stuck on a deserted island. Fran wants to get off the island but has to put up with the stupidity of Kiki. Therefore, they are unsuccessful.
*Everyday French w/ Pierre Escargot
*Detective Dan: A wealthy woman's jewelry is stolen-but don't worry, because it's Detective Dan to the rescue! Unfortunately, the incompetent Dan ruins the case by allowing the obviously-guilty butler to escape.
*Vital Information: Monica seems to have taken over the Vital Information desk. But then, Lori Beth eventually shows up and dismisses her.
*Vital Information introduces Musical Guest: Monica - "Don't Take It Personal (Just One of Dem Days)"

7 22 "Monteco" November 18, 1995 (1995-11-18) 222
*Green Room: Kel's Sleeping Legs

*The Okrah Show: Okrah Winfrey (Kel) talks about "Kids out of Control" on her show. Unfortunately, the kids actually come to the set and start attacking her.
*Vital Information w/ Lori Beth Denberg (w/ Katrina Johnson)
*More "repairwork" by Repairman during a Bacteria concert.
*Everyday French w/ Pierre Escargot
*If people have a problem with a product from a mall, they are sent to the Complaint Department. But the customers will be complaining more than ever when they visit, because the Complaint Department Lady (Lori Beth) is pretty crazy. She treats a hat like a dog and tries to put a dog on her head!
*Pierre Escargot introduces Musical guest: Monteco - "Down to the Bone"

12 27 "Diana King" January 13, 1996 (1996-01-13) 227
*Green Room-Magic Basketball: The cast members play a game of basketball before the show. But this basketball is very special. If a cast member makes a basket after making a wish, the wish will come true! The kids have fun abusing this special power.

*While teaching a wrestling class, Coach Kreeton is being driven crazy by his students.
*Vital Information w/Lori Beth Denberg
*Earboy: Earboy thinks that girls will like him if he knows how to dance. Ross Perot teaches him "The Rossy Shuffle"
*Lemonade Scammer: An extremely thirsty customer begs for a drink. Katrina dumps a pitcher of lemonade on him...and charges a ridiculous price by ninety bucks!
*Peter and Flem: Shows a life of differences between Peter (Kel) and Flem (Josh).
*Ross Perot meets Diana King *Ross Perot introduces Musical Guest: Diana King - "Shy Guy"

14 29 "Mark Curry/Deborah Cox" January 27, 1996 (1996-01-27) 229
*Green Room-Mark Curry: Mark Curry is desperate to be on the show but the cast members refuse, so he ties up Kenan and puts on his Superdude costume. Special Guest: Mark Curry

*Miss Fingerly meets Bacteria when they join her class.
*Good Burger Drive-Thru: Ed must take over the Drive-Thru and the counter.
*Pierre Escargot
*Complaint Department
*Complaint Department introduces Musical Guest: Deborah Cox - "Sentimental"

17 32 "Faith Evans" March 9, 1996 (1996-03-09) 232
*Green Room-The Sick Corn: The Big Ear of Corn is in the hospital. Everyone is sad-especially Lori Beth. Everyone's mood changes, though, when the Ear of Corn is revealed to have babies!

*Cheese Police Bust
*Ms Fingerly meets Repairman: Ms. Fingerly's map of the world is broken. Repairman falls from the ceiling to save the day. He then tries to repair a girl's broken desk. Miss Fingerly calls for help, but her head gets stuck in the window. The sketch ends as Repairman turns on his chainsaw to "fix" the window.
*Ishboo has a memorable visit with the doctor (Kel).
*Pierre Escargot introduce Musical Performance: Faith Evans - "You Used To Love Me"

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