Aseefa is a main character in Planet Sheen. She is a Glimmorian, which is a blue-skinned humanoid alien creature with a ponytail. She's a warrior princess, a beast-master and Sheen's love interest. She's cute, quirky, tough, punky and really likes Sheen as well, but Sheen is too nervous to say that he likes her. Aseefa owns a pet Chocktow, which is the most feared and dangerous creature on Zeenu. Aseefa also seems to be very trustworthy of Sheen and always asks him about life on Earth and he usually provides her with information (or what he claims to be information). It is also revealed that if Sheen ever lied to her, she'd never be able to trust him again. 

Aseefa seems to take Libby's place as Sheen's significant other, but her personailty is more like Betty's. For some reason, Sheen never brings up Libby or even thinks about her in the series (or any of his other friends for that matter). It is unknown if he and Libby are still dating at this point. This was panned by many fans of the original series who were fully supportive of Sheen and Libby ending up together.