"At the Movies" is the first segment of the third episode of Rugrats.


Stu and Didi decide to take Tommy and his friends to go see The Dummi Bears and the Land Without Smiles at West Side Octaplex. The babies really want to see their first movie Reptar, which was rated MGR ("Minor Guidance Recommended", a notable rip-off of the MPAA's PG and PG-13 ratings). When they go to the theater and the movie starts, the babies sneak off to try to find the room showing Reptar at the theater. The first room they attempt to get into is showing a romance film, so they move on and end up accidentally creating a huge mess at the concession stand. They look in the popcorn popper, eating candy bars, and playing with the orange and grape soda dispensers, ketchup and mustard pumps, and straws. They also find hot dogs, hot dog buns, popcorn tubs, lids, napkins, and cups. They find their way up to the projection booth and finally find the room where Reptar is playing. As they are watching the film through the booth window, they fall down on some film, and they decide to ride on the projectors for fun. In the process, though, all of the projectors in the room become unraveled, and various films break so they exit the room. They soon run into Grandpa, who is getting popcorn at the concession stand and are led back into the theater. As they arrive, The Dummi Bears and the Land Without Smiles is about to reach its climax; however, the film burns as a result of the kids' earlier tomfoolery, and everyone leaves the Octaplex disgruntled.

Home video releases

  • Rugrats: Return of Reptar
  • Rugrats: Season 1
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