Planet Sheen
"Banana Quest"
Season 1, Episode 26
Banana Quest
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"MisSheen Impossible"
Banana Quest is the final episode of Planet Sheen.


When Nesmith catches a cold, Sheen decides to find him a banana to make him feel better and brings Doppy and Aseefa with him. Meanwhile, Dorkus and Pinter find out about our heroes' quest and decide to follow them and get the banana first, all while setting up traps for them. 


  • Even though this is the final episode, Sheen and Nesmith do not return to Earth. However, it is implied in The Tomorrow Boys that Sheen does return to Earth. Then again, the future could still change.
  • Despite fan speculation, Sheen's friends do not appear in this episode.
    • There was going to be a TV movie about Jimmy and the gang traveling to Zeenu to rescue Sheen, but due to low ratings, production costs and staff members moving on, it was canned.
  • To date, this is currently the last time Sheen has appeared in animation.
  • Just like the original series, this one ended in a cliffhanger and unresolved questions. This is the fourth Nicktoon to do so; the first was Hey Arnold!, the second was Danny Phantom and the third was (as mentioned) the original show.