"Beach Blanket Babies"
Season 2, Episode 22
Rugrats Beach Blanket Babies
Production code: 209B
Original air date: November 1, 1992
Written by: Mark Trafficante
James Smith Goldin
Directed by: Jim Duffy
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"No Bones About It" "Reptar on Ice"
"Beach Blanket Blues" (also titled "At the Beach" in Nickelodeon and YTV's episode guides and "Beachblanket Blues" in the BBC's schedules) is the second segment of the 22nd episode of Rugrats.


The Pickles and the Finsters go to the beach. Chuckie has a personal mission -- to set free the "Sea Moneys" (Sea Monkeys) that his dad gave him.

Home video releases

  • Rugrats: Tales from the Crib
  • Rugrats: The Best of Season 2
  • Rugrats: Season 2
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