Behind the Clues: 10 Years With Blue is the epilogue for Blue's Clues. It aired during the series' sixth season.

Characters Present


From the people who bring you VH1's "Behind the Music" this retrospective looks back on ten years of Blue's Clues. The program details the show's secrets to success, the creation of Blue and more. It also features backstage info on Steve and Joe and commentary from various celebrities and experts. Viewers receive a look at the early creation of the show, which initially featured a cat known as Mr. Orange. The program also tackles the exit of Steve, along with the various rumors surrounding his departure.


  • Joe: When the tenth anniversary special comes along, we're gonna play gold clues and we're gonna find out 'cause Blue's gonna have a baby brother. Shh! I can't say anything more...
  • Joe: (explaining what he thought Blue's Clues was) I was picturing a dog with a soul patch and a saxophone.


  • This episode, unlike most episodes of Blue's Clues, aired on the cable channel Nickelodeon.
  • Originally announced to premiere on Thursday July 27, 2006 at 8:30 P.M., this 12 minute special then appeared in schedule listings for July 20 instead. It was pulled from the schedule at the last minute and aired at the originally scheduled date and time.
  • It is revealed that a working title for the show was Blue Prints and even that only came along after it was decided that Blue should be a dog instead of an orange cat.