"Boat Smarts" is the second segment of the 84th episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.


The episode starts with a card displaying Boat Smarts With Mrs. Puff, then the narrator displays another card saying: C.O.B.B.U.T.K.S.B.S.P.O.T.R.A.O.O.B.A.T. (Citizens of Bikini Bottom United to Keep SpongeBob SquarePants Off the Road and out of Boats All Together) Then the tape goes to Mrs. Puff who is sitting on her desk introducing herself to the video. She discusses the good and bad drivers. Squidward Tentacles appears as the one with Boat Smarts, but SpongeBob is the one without boat smarts.

A driver with boat smarts fills his/her tire up to the appropriate level while a driver without boat smarts pays no attention to how much air he/she is using. Squidward fills it up enough. Yet SpongeBob fills it up to much, making the wheel tip over and the air blows out, crushing half of Squidward's boat and having the wheel pop right in front of his face.

After that, it shows another card saying: Buckling Up. This shows Squidward in a boat mobile holding the wheel. The camera zooms in closer and it shows Squidward with his seatbelt in the proper manner. He then starts driving until he sees a Bikini Bottom Traffic lights and he stops. Once Squidward stops, we see SpongeBob crazily speeding around a corner with no regard for safety and possibly with no seatbelt on. he hits Squidward who goes flying into a steamroller. He gets severely hurt. A driver with boat smarts uses a seatbelt to avoid serious injury, unlike one without boat smarts.

The next card displays: Adjusting Mirrors. it shows Squidward adjusting his mirrors before he begins to start the boat mobile. Squidward starts the boat and begins to drive. SpongeBob though he adjusts his mirror dangerously while driving with one leg. He hits many fish, although he does not know because he is focusing on the mirror. He then swerves in front of Squidward and Squidward yells at SpongeBob. SpongeBob adjusts the other mirror and hits Squidward with a beam of light and he is blinded until he puts on sunglasses. But Squidward sees a wall and crashes. It shows a crash dummy although instead of the head it shows Squidward's! A driver with boat smarts adjusts his/her mirrors before driving, while the other does it while driving.

Then you see Mrs. Puff in Squidward's boat mobile talking about paying attention to the road. Squidward drives well. She explains how Squidward's eyes are locked on the road. Then SpongeBob swerving while eating a Krabby Patty and reading. He also shaves and is blinded by the white froth, thus making people crash. When some fish crashes SpongeBob says: "Hi there!" and turns around making even more people crash. Eventually there is a huge stockpile of cars and the owners are very angry. SpongeBob still speeds past, runs over a puddle and slides around. SpongeBob then greets Mrs. Puff Squidward and his boat mobile slips on a mini pebble, strangely making his boat mobile act as a ramp in which Squidward's boat mobile travel over. They fly into the big stockpile of all the cars (the fish run away) and it makes a huge crash. Mrs. Puff blows up very fat and SpongeBob drives past, mocking them by saying "Looks like you guys forgot your Boat Smarts!" and drives off, making dust and the low quality recorder stops.


  • This is the second episode to be designed as a training video, the first being "Krusty Krab Training Video".
  • At the part where Squidward gets hit by the brick wall, they're showing Squidward's head with a black and white circle on it. (He was a crash dummy.)
  • The scene where SpongeBob says "Whee!" is a possible reference to Wooldoor Sockbat on Drawn Together, since Wooldoor's behavior and attitude parodies SpongeBob.
  • SpongeBob is shaving but before it appeared that he did not have a beard, plus SpongeBob does not grow facial hair anyway, as shown in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.
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