Roberto Alejandro Martinez-Millan Luis "Bobby" Santiago, Jr.[1] is a character from The Loud House franchise and the deuteragonist of Los Casagrandes. He is Lori's boyfriend and also Ronnie Anne's big brother.

Bobby generally has a relaxed and carefree attitude. He is an easygoing boy and likes to have fun. He can be altered if Lori doesn't message or call him. He's a little silly, as shown in "Undie Pressure" where he tells Lori that he would be in her house sooner but he had to wait for a chicken to cross the road. He also jeopardized Luna's attempt to free Lincoln and Clyde out of his silliness. In one episode, he and Lincoln become great friends and neglect Lori. 

He has many jobs, this may be because he wants to obtain more money or just to impress Lori, like in "For Bros About to Rock" where he says to Lincoln that he took the mall security guard job because Lori loves men with uniforms.

As of "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos", Bobby no longer lives in Royal Woods, as he and Ronnie Anne moved in with their cousins in an unnamed big city one state over (in "Selfie Improvement", Bobby mentions that it is a three-hour drive away), where he now works at the bodega owned by his grandfather, Hector Casagrande, setting the stage for Los Casagrandes.



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