The Wild Thornberrys
"Bogged Down"
Season 2, Episode 51
Original air date: March 6, 2000
Written by: Emily Kapnek
David Regal
Emily Kapnek (story)
Directed by: Cathy Malkasian
Episode chronology
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"Gift of Gab" "Monkey See, Monkey Don't"
"Bogged Down" is the 50th episode of The Wild Thornberrys.


The Thornberrys are in the Philippines to find the angler fish. While Nigel and Eliza travel the river to find it Marianne stays behind to help Debbie study for her history final. While looking for the fish, Nigel is stung by a poisonous stonefish and Eliza must go into a dark, mysterious bog to get the antitoxin before Nigel dies.

Home video releases

  • The Wild Thornberrys: Season 2, Part 3
  • The Wild Thornberrys: The Complete Series
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