Britney Tenelli is a supporting character in the Jimmy Neutron franchise. She is Cindy's other best friend, who usually joins her and Libby as a singing partner or just for hanging out. She once bribed Libby into being her science partner with a CD. In the movie, she threw pies at Jimmy, Carl and Sheen. 

Britney is of similar height to Cindy and Libby. She has green eyes and blond hair which is in long pigtails. She wears pink pants with white and pink waistbands, a pink jacket, a white and pink shirt that exposes her bare midriff, and pink and white shoes similar to Cindy's. In the movie, she can be seen wearing bracelets on both of her arms.


  • Her counterpart in Planet Sheen is Princess Oom. 
  • Sometimes, her name is spelled Brittany.

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