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The Loud House
"Butterfly Effect"
Season 1, Episode 11A
Airdate: June 9, 2016
Written by: Kevin Sullivan
Directed by: Chris Savino
Episode chronology
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"Sleuth or Consequences" "The Green House"

"Butterfly Effect" is the first segment of the eleventh episode of The Loud House.


Lincoln accidentally spills one of Lisa's potions, causing a chain of events that unravel the household.


  • Lola's nose getting hit by the soccer ball is a reference to a similar scene in The Brady Bunch episode "The Subject Was Noses".
  • Lincoln shouting "Don't eat me!" to the giant Lily parodies the climax of the 1989 film Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.
  • All the things that happened to Lincoln's sisters are:
    • Lori = Dumps Bobby and falls in love with Clyde.
    • Leni = Becomes smarter than Lisa after being hit in the head with a coat rack, and becomes extremely arrogant, and uncaring.
    • Luna = Joins Mick Swagger on a world tour.
    • Luan = Gives up comedy and becomes an activist.
    • Lynn = Gets kicked off her sports teams for failing her academics.
    • Lucy = Turns into a vampire after being bitten by Lana's liberated bat.
    • Lana = Protects herself inside a plastic bubble to avoid any injuries.
    • Lola = Gets hit in the face with Lynn's soccer ball and runs away after believing she's a hideous monster.
    • Lisa = Gives up her studies and gets a job at Flip's Food & Fuel.
    • Lily = Becomes a giant after being exposed to Lisa's chemicals.

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