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Kenan & Kel
"Bye Bye Kenan"
Season 2, Episode 26-27
Airdate: December 20, 1997 (Part 1)
December 27, 1997 (Part 2)
Written by: Kevin Kopelow
Heath Seifert
Dan Schneider
Directed by: Brian Robbins
Episode chronology
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"Turkey Day" "Fenced In"
"Bye Bye Kenan" is the two-part season finale to the second season of Kenan & Kel, and also notably the series' first multi-part episode.


Part 1

Roger gets a new job as a forest ranger and is required to move to Pummis, Montana, taking the whole family with him...leaving Kel.

Part 2

Life in Montana is not exactly sweet - so Kenan sets about sabotaging his father's new job to get him fired by using a bear disguise, but things get complicated when a real bear shows up.

Home video releases

  • Kenan & Kel: The Best of Seasons 1 & 2
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