The Loud House
"Cereal Offender"
Season 1, Episode 18B
Cereal Offender
Original air date: October 18, 2016
Directed by: Chris Savino
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"April Fools Rules" "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru"
Cereal Offender 1

"Cereal Offender" is the second segment of the eighteenth episode of The Loud House.


Lincoln convinces his mom to let him do the grocery shopping so that he can get himself a box of Zombie Bran cereal. However, when his sisters come to the supermarket with him, he has a hard time keeping them out of trouble.


At his house, Lincoln is watching TV while eating a bowl of cereal. Suddenly, a TV announcement is presented showing a new cereal called "Zombie Bran". Excited, Lincoln runs towards the kitchen, where his mom, Rita, is unclogging the kitchen sink. He asks her if they can get the new cereal. Rita refuses, due to having a very tight budget and since there's also a really big shopping list, there won't be any money left for treats. Lincoln convinces her saying that he'll be doing the shopping and still have enough money for Zombie Bran and while he doeling so, she can do all the things she wants to during her free time. After Rita imagine being at the spa, she agrees to let her son do the shopping. As Lincoln prepares to go shopping, he is stopped by his sisters who want to support him. He refuses to let them come until Lynn says that they will help him shop, so Lincoln accepts and all of them (minus Lily) go shopping.

Later, Rita arrives at the supermarket and gives Lincoln $200 for the groceries. After she leaves, the kids go inside but are warned by the Manager. If they are caught making a disaster in the store, they'll be kicked out of here. As Lincoln begins to find all the products of the shopping list taking only the products that are half priced or in offer, his sisters run off to cause trouble. So now, he must stop their antics while trying to avoid being caught by the Manager.

Later, after Lincoln manages to find all the products on the list and stops his sisters' antics, he manages to leave enough money to buy Zombie Bran. But when he grabs the last box of cereal, another kid who looks similar to him takes it. He taunts Lincoln then runs off to the cash register. Lincoln proceeds to chase him to get the cereal back. And while doing so, he has to avoid the Manager. After a wild chase, Lincoln was able to stop the brat by using a pea shooter on the balloon with the lobster, causing it to snap him. The Manager was able to catch the bratty kid and kicks him and his mom out the store, allowing Lincoln to finally get the cereal.

After doing so, he brings all of his sisters to the cash register to pay for all the stuff he bought. They ask him why he is in such a hurry to leave and he says that he's this close in getting his cereal and doesn't want them to ruin it.

Upon hearing that, Lori asks what he's talking about. Lincoln states that he made a deal with Mom to help get all the groceries while having enough money left for Zombie Bran.

The sisters were shocked about that and wanted a treat as well, but Lincoln refuses since there's no money left. Luna suggests to put the cereal back, but her brother objects since he worked really hard to get it. The siblings argue about it and starting fighting each other. During the fight, Lincoln gets pushed towards a stack of cans by Bobby, and all of them fell to the floor. The Manager noticed this and kicks out all the siblings without their purchases and Lincoln couldn't get Zombie Bran. Later, Rita picks them up back to home, upset at Lincoln for not doing the shopping. Lincoln tried to explain, but his Mom refuse to listen to reason and tells him to forget about the cereal, much to Lincoln's sadness.

The sisters look at each other, feeling guilty for their reckless actions in the store and ruining their brother's chances of getting his cereal.

The next day, Lincoln is watching TV at his house while eating the same dull cereal with Lily, feeling sad about what happened yesterday. After seeing another Zombie Bran announcement, he sadly turns it off and his sisters enter the house imitating a horde of zombies. Lincoln believes it's a joke and not in the mood, but then he's glad to see they bought the cereal he wanted. The sisters apologize to him, saying that it was the least they can do as he couldn't get it because of them. Happy about what they did, Lincoln imitates a zombie and then begins a food fight with his sisters using the cereal. As they play around, Lily makes a zombie groan towards the viewers.

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