Chandler is one of Lincoln's schoolmates on The Loud House, featured as the antagonist in the episode "The Waiting Game". He seems to be the most popular student at Royal Woods Elementary, but in actuality is a very conceited boy and a freeloader.

In Chandler's debut episode, he invites all of Lincoln and Clyde's classmates to his birthday party at the sewage plant where his father works, but noticeably ignores Lincoln and Clyde. Then, when he sees Lincoln getting free food and tokens at Gus' Games 'n Grub because he helped Lori get a job there, Chandler gets Lincoln to do all sorts of favors for him, taking advantage of Lori's generosity towards her brother. He eventually does invite Lincoln and Clyde to his party, but in the end, Lincoln, seeing that his sister has to work overtime due to all the favors Chandler coaxed him into doing, decides to skip out on Chandler's party and cover for Lori at the restaurant.

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