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Christina Sally Kirkman (born February 25, 1993) is an American teen actress and comedian. She was best known for her role in All That in season 9 & 10.

Kirkman was born in Melrose, Massachusetts and she is an only child. She attended The Winthrop Elementary School in Melrose from kindergarten to fifth grade. Kirkman now attends Emerson College, class of 2015.

In 2003, Kirkman entered Nickelodeon's "America's Funniest Kid" competition and won the highly-coveted spot as a regular performer on All That.[1] In part of her audition she was asked to do a skit in which she met Jay Leno. She had never heard of Leno because she had never stayed up late, so she said "Who the heck is Jay Leno?" and instead pretended to talk to Leno's bodyguard. When asked if she thought she was going get into the All That cast, she responded, "I thought I had NO chance!" with a laugh.

Christina got to join the cast of All That after winning the contest. Christina had always dreamed of being on All That. In season 9, she made her first appearance in the second episode. She stayed on the cast for season 10 as well, though All That was cancelled after this season. Christina is last seen when she and Denzel Whitaker introduce the musical guest. Christina Kirkman showed off her rapping skills during a sketch on "All That" called "T.R. Yell".

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