"Chuckie's First Haircut" is the first segment of the 41st episode of Rugrats.


Chuckie's hair is getting too long, and when Angelica finds out he needs a haircut, she tells Chuckie and he gets scared. When Chas takes Chuckie to a local barbershop to get his haircut, Chuckie gets even more scared and ends up wrecking the barbershop. While back at the home of Stu, Didi and Tommy Pickles, Chas and Chuckie tell the others their take on the event (with Chas telling Tommy's parents and Chuckie telling the other Rugrats).

Angelica keeps scaring Chuckie into thinking that his haircut's going to hurt, but Susie tries to assure him that getting your hair cut doesn't. While the adults are thinking of various ways to cut Chuckie's hair, the Rugrats are trying to help Chuckie not be scared of getting his hair cut. In the end, the adults decide that the best way to make Chuckie not scared of getting his haircut is show him that getting your hair cut really doesn't hurt. They decide to let Chuckie cut off some of Chas's hair, which Chuckie does, but he goes a little overboard with it and ends up cutting off a lot of his dad's hair.

In the end, Chuckie decides to just go through with getting his hair cut, realizing that he can't live in fear of it for the rest of his life. They go to the barbershop, and both of them get their hair cut, with Chuckie going first. When the barber is cutting Chuckie's hair, Chuckie realizes that getting your hair cut really doesn't hurt and likes it. When Chas and Chuckie get back to Stu, Didi and Tommy's house, Tommy and the twins see Chuckie's new haircut, and Stu offers to take a picture of both him and Chas (who's now wearing a hat to cover up his haircut). When Stu tells Chas to take his hat off for the photo, it's revealed that Chas is now bald, since the barber couldn't really do anything with his hair.

Home video releases

  • Rugrats: Season 3

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