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Video releases of Clarissa Explains It All.


The following videos were distributed by Sony Wonder.

Cover Title Released
ClarissaExplainsItAll Dating VHS Dating January 18, 1994
  • "Blind Date"
  • "A Little Romance"

Bonus feature: "Clarissa's Dating Tips" featurette

CEIA Take My Brother, Please! VHS Take My Brother, Please! March 30, 1994
  • "Brain Drain"
  • "Darling Wars"

Bonus feature: "Sibling Tips" featurette

CEIA Enslaved by the Bell VHS Enslaved by the Bell July 26, 1994
  • "Understudy"
  • "School Picture"
CEIA Ferguson Explains It All VHS Ferguson Explains It All March 21, 1995
  • "Ferguson Explains it All"
  • "Ferguson for President"


Cover Title Released
ClarissaExplainsItAll Season1-DVD
Season One May 17, 2005
Distributed by: Paramount Home Entertainment


Disc 1:
  • "Clarissa's Revenge"
  • "School Picture"
  • "No TV"
  • "Urge to Drive"
  • "Clarissa Network News"
  • "Haunted House"
  • "The Bully"
Disc 2:
  • "New Edition"
  • "Brain Drain"
  • "Clarissa Makes a Cake"
  • "Parents Who Say No"
  • "Cool Dad"
  • "Sick Days"

Bonus features:

  • Melissa Joan Hart on MTV's Cribs
  • Nick Time Capsule (1991-1993)

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