Clyde McBride
Clyde McBride
The Loud House character
Background information
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voiced by Caleel Harris
First appearance "Left in the Dark"
Last appearance
Character information
Full name
Species Human
Other names The Clydesdale
Personality Intelligent, cowardly, neurotic
Citizenship Royal Woods, Michigan
Relatives Howard and Harold McBride (adoptive fathers); unnamed grandmother
Pets Cleopawtra the cat; Nepurrtiti‎‎ the kitten
Allies Lincoln Loud, Rusty Spokes, Liam, Zach, Ronnie Anne Santiago , Haiku
Enemies Bobby Santiago (one-sided on Clyde's side); Hank and Hawk
Quote "Cadet Clyde, reporting for duty!"

Clyde McBride is Lincoln Loud's best friend on The Loud House. He is a nerdy, intelligent 11-year-old African-American boy who is the adopted only child of his gay parents, Howard and Harold McBride. As Lincoln Loud's best friend, Clyde shares a lot of the same interests as him, such as video games and science fiction movies, and is always willing to help his buddy Lincoln in his endeavors. However, he is often distracted by his obsessive crush on Lincoln's oldest sister, Lori (who doesn't like him at all), and has trouble acting normal around her.


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