Cousin Skeeter was a American children's show which ran on Nickelodeon from 1998 until 2001. As it revolves a puppet named Skeeter and his misadventures with his cousin, Bobby Walker. As the show was cancelled for unknown reasons. The show ran for 3 seasons and had 2 TV Movies, "Hoo, I'm Wild West" and "New Kids on the Planet", There is no plans for a DVD release for the show.


Bobby Walker and his parents has just moved to New York from California, Bobby has to be in summer school because he hasn't done his algebra homework home back in LA. So his Cousin Skeeter comes to move in with his family as they think he would be a good influence on Bobby, but were they wrong as Skeeter turns out to be a very annoying, daredevilish, and wreckless, but then the Walker couple can't wait until Bobby and Skeeter are out of their hair when they go off to college. Bobby has a crush on Nina Jones who lives in his apartment building as he is sometimes nervous to talk to her, but they have become best friends and Skeeter has his eyes on Nicole who just move in their building and the four have misadventures to avoid trouble which starts because of Skeeter. Sometimes Bobby wish he never met Skeeter but he knows Skeeter will be there for them because they're cousins.


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