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"Curse of the Werewuff"
Season 8, Episode 146
Rugrats Halloween VHS
The cover to the VHS release.
Airdate: August 27, 2002 (video release)
October 20, 2002 (TV premiere)
Episode chronology
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"Okey-Dokey Jones and the Ring of the Sunbeams" "Pre-school Daze"
"Curse of the Werewuff" is the 146th episode of Rugrats, and also the series' second Halloween-themed episode. It was originally released as a direct-to-video special on the Rugrats: Halloween VHS on August 27, 2002, before airing on Nickelodeon on October 20th of the same year.


Angelica tells the babies they will become their costumes at Halloween's end.

Home video releases

  • Rugrats: Halloween
  • Rugrats: Holiday Celebration
  • Rugrats: Season 8
  • Rugrats: Halloween

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