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Deadtime Stories is an American anthology horror-fantasy series airing on Nickelodeon.[1] The series stars Jennifer Stone as "The Babysitter" who reads the Deadtime Stories to the children.[2]

Series Overview

Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale
1 10 November 2, 2012 November 14, 2013

Season 1:2012-2013

No. in
Title Original airdate
1 "Grave Secrets" November 2, 2012
Amanda Peterson learns that her neighbor has angered the ghost of a young girl and will not rest till she finds her doll which is in the girl's backyard.
2 "Invasion of the Appleheads" October 3, 2013
Katie and Andy Lawrence learn something while in a apple orchard that long time ago, people were cursed and turned into zombies.
3 "Along Came a Spider" October 3, 2013
When Max and Mikey stumbled upon a science kit, they find out some dead animals in the kit aren't dead...
4 "The Witching Game" October 10, 2013
When Lindsey Jordan and her friends play the wishing game "Bloody Mary" in front of a strange antique mirror, one by one their wishes start coming true, with horrifying results.
5 "The Beast of Baskerville" October 10, 2013
Adam Riley and his friends are hunted by the man-monster, Jimmy Leeds during a camping trip.
6 "Terror in Tiny Town" October 17, 2013
Willy Tyler learns the horrifying truth behind his last train model, Hurly the Hobo.
7 "Revenge of the Goblins" October 17, 2013
When Nina Russo and her friend, Sammy come upon a creepy old tree in the woods with a door carved into its trunk, they find a little green statue inside holding a luminous ball, and when Sammy removes the ball, he unknowingly opens the door to the goblin world.
8 "Grandpa's Monster Movies" October 24, 2013
After seeing monster movies in their family reunion, Catan Thomas and Lea Rose learn a disturbingly secret about their family.
9 "Ghost Knight" October 24, 2013
Cody, visiting his G.T. (Grandpa Tom), thinks the only excitement will come from crazy Mr. Jeevers, who drives a golf cart very recklesssly and keeps ranting about a "metal-headed murdering madman." Soon Cody sees him, and a ghost princess who insists he and Ben need to rescue her and her kingdom.
10 "Little Magic Shop of Horrors" November 14, 2013
Peter Newman goes to buy a magic kit in a magic shop and learns that the magic there is real. He accidentally took off Bo Wilson's head.


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