"Dinklescouts" is the first segment in the 128th episode of The Fairly OddParents.


At Timmy's bedroom, Sparky comes to see that Timmy is on edge about something. Timmy reveals to them that he and the Squirrel Scouts are going camping with his dad as a troop leader which is why he's so terrified at the moment. Remembering all of his dad's blunders as a Scout Leader, Timmy starts to suck his thumb with Wanda comforts him.

His dad appears and telling him that all Squirrel Scouts will be camping at the Faultline State Park, which is a camping site near a volcano, that regularly has earthquakes, and inbred Mountain Men. He hides from his dad and makes a wish that his dad would be replaced with someone more responsible, but Cosmo says he should be more specific, due to how broad a statement that is with the sheer number of people more responsible. Dinkleberg appears from a window, mentioning he risked his life to save Timmy from a frayed power line about to get into his room, and how he lived to be responsible. Timmy then gets the idea that Dinkleberg should replace his Dad as Squirrely Scout Troop leader, so he wishes for Dinkleberg to be replace his dad.

Timmy's Dad is still allowed to come as a Junior Scout, and Dinkleberg carries them to a place called Safety Canyon. But whenever Dinkleberg has a safe activity for them, Mr. Turner decides to go off and do something dangerous instead, and it ends up always backfiring. He finally realises that DInkleberg is a better troop leader, and runs away.

Timmy sees the note, and sends Sparky to go and get him. While this happens, bears smell the food Dinkleberg prepared, and attack the camp. Mr. Turner, thinking he's hallucinating when he sees Sparky talking to him, follows him back to camp, and uses his dangerous methods to chase the bears away. Dinkleberg admits Mr Turner is better at protecting them and Timmy decides to wish his father's position back after they go home.

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