"Doug's Comic Collaboration"
Season 3, Episode 29A
Doug's Comic Collaboration
Quailman and Silver Skeeter argue over what to do.
Production code: 303A
Airdate: April 25, 1993
Written by: Alan Higgins
Matt Steinglass
Directed by: Ken Kimmelman
John Paratore
Episode chronology
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"Doug Rocks the House" "Doug's Pet Capades"
"Doug's Comic Collaboration" is the first segment of the 29th episode of Doug.


On a rainy day, Doug and Skeeter try to work together on a comic book in which Quailman and Silver Surfer Silver Skeeter battle the evil Wacky Weatherman, but their creative differences over the story almost prevent them from actually finishing the comic.

Home video releases

  • Doug: Season 3

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