"Doug's Cool Shoes" is the first segment of the seventh episode of Doug. The plot is based on creator Jim Jinkins' unpublished storybook, Doug Got a New Pair of Shoes.


Doug overhears Beebe talking about Skunky Beaumont's shoes and says that someone needs to tell him that he needs cool shoes. Skeeter gets compliments for his reversible sneaker boots as well. Patti comes around and asks Doug (who was hiding inside the locker seconds ago) if he wants to shoot hoops, to which he refuses to, saying that he'll catch Patti the next time around. At home, Doug wonders if his shoes are really as bad as he believes and feels that he really does need a pair of new shoes. While watching TV, Doug comes across a commercial of basketball player Sky Davis, who shows off a pair of his Air Jets, mesmerizing Doug.

The next day, Doug brings Porkchop along to go to the shoe store and attempts to purchase a pair of Sky Davis Air Jets. The clerk first removes Doug's old shoes off his feet and places them in a box. She measures Doug's foot size and runs off to get the famous Air Jets. Doug already begins to miss his old shoes and feels as though he is betraying them. The shoe store clerk returns and offers Doug a final pair of Sky Davis Air Jets, which are too big to fit Doug's feet. As he walks with the shoes on, Doug starts to feel skeptical at first, but feels like a new man in a new pair of Air Jets. Unfortunately, he only has half the price of the shoes and is forbidden to purchase them. At the end, Roger ends up with the shoes instead, leaving Doug back to his old shoes.

As Doug sits outside on the bench moping the next day, Sky Davis (whose actual name is Chuck) then comes around and compliments Doug's old sneakers. Doug notices that Chuck is wearing his regular shoes rather than his famous Air Jets, and the latter explains that his regular sneakers are his off-court buddies and that he will never get rid of them no matter what. He autographs Doug's shoes and Doug reciprocates him by autographing his as well. Later, Roger challenges Doug one a one-on-one game (while rocking his new Sky Davis Air Jets) and he trips while attempting to hit a shot due to the size of the shoes. Doug grabs the ball and runs to the basket. He hits the shot as his friends cheer for him.

He is later seen in his room writing in his journal, realizing that his shoes are just fine, and creates his own lesson: never kick a good shoe when it's down. Afterwards, he plays a one-on-one game against Porkchop.

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