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"Doug's Got No Gift"
Season 2, Episode 15A
Patti likes Doug's gift
Patti tells Doug she likes the towel rack beetball caddy that he made for her.
Production code: 202A
Airdate: September 20, 1992
Written by: Joe Fallon
Alan Silverberg
Directed by: John Paratore
Carol Millican
Episode chronology
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"Doug's Secret Song" "Doug vs. the Klotzoid Zombies"
"Doug's Got No Gift" is the first segment of the fifteenth episode of Doug.


Doug unintentionally spends all of his money on a video arcade game called Bag the Neematoad, and now he can't buy Patti a birthday present. Mr. Dink gives Doug the idea of making a gift for Patti, and all Doug hopes is that she'll like it.

Home video releases

  • Doug: Season 2
  • Doug: The Complete Nickelodeon Series

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