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"Doug Bags a Neematoad"
Season 1, Episode 1
Porkchop, disguised as a Neematoad, spooks Roger and his gang.
Production code: 101
Airdate: August 11, 1991
Episode chronology
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"Doug Can't Dance"
"Doug Bags a Neematoad" is the first episode of Doug.


We find the Funnie family have moved from Bloatsburg and are just arriving at their new home in the town of Bluffington. Eleven-and-a-half-year-old Douglas "Doug" Funnie writes his thoughts in his journal and worries he won't be able to make any friends. On a search to pick up dinner for the family, Doug meets his next door neighbor Mr. Dink. He shows Doug a video about Bluffington and introduces him to the popular hangout fast food restaurant called The Honker Burger. When Doug gets to the Honker Burger, he meets Skeeter Valentine who befriends him right away. Doug also meets Patti Mayonnaise and right away develops a secret crush on her. However, all is not well when he also meets the local bully Roger Klotz, who tricks him into believing he has to catch a monster called a Neematoad at Stinsen's Pond in Bluffington to be a town hero.

Home video releases

  • Doug: Season 1
  • Doug: The Complete Nickelodeon Series

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