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"Doug Saves Roger"
Season 2, Episode 21A
Roger begs for Doug's help
Roger begs Doug to protect him from Percy.
Production code: 208A
Airdate: November 1, 1992
Written by: Alan Higgins
Tim Grundmann
Directed by: Carol Millican
John Paratore
Episode chronology
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"Doug's a Genius" "Doug's Big News"
"Doug Saves Roger" is the first segment of the 21st episode of Doug.


Mr. Bone's nephew Percy Femur is at Bluffington School for a day, and Roger gets ready to be the bully that he normally is, but it turns out that Percy is very tough and a lot bigger than Roger, and soon, Doug has to break up a fight between Roger and Percy. Percy wants to hurt Doug, but Roger and Mr. Bone rescue Doug and send Percy back to his old school.


  • This is the first episode in which Doug doesn't have a single fantasy sequence.

Home video releases

  • Doug: Season 2
  • Doug: The Complete Nickelodeon Series

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