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Home video releases of Doug. Please note, this does not include home video releases of the later Doug cartoon co-produced by The Walt Disney Company.


The following VHS tapes were originally distributed by Sony Wonder.

Cover Title Released
Doug-VHS-Volume1 Volume 1: How Did I Get Into This Mess? August 31, 1993
  • "Doug's Lost Weekend"
  • "Doug's On His Own"
  • "Doug's Dental Disaster"

Bonus features: "Killer Tofu" and "Doggie Rap" music videos

Doug-VHS-Volume2 Volume 2: Patti, You're the Mayonnaise for Me August 31, 1993
  • "Doug Out in Left Field"
  • "Doug's Dinner Date"
  • "Doug's Fair Lady"

Bonus features: Two music videos

Doug Cool in School VHS Cool in School July 26, 1994
  • "Doug's Cartoon"
  • "Doug's Doodle"
  • "Doug's New Teacher"

Bonus features: "Yo! Doug" and "I Need More Allowance" music videos

DougsChristmasStory VHS 1994 (original release)

DougChristmasStory VHS 1997 (1997 reissue)

Christmas Story August 30, 1994

Note: This video was later re-released by Paramount Home Video on October 7, 1997.


The following DVDs are currently only available through's CreateSpace manufacture-on-demand program.

Cover Title Released
Doug DVD = Season 1 Season 1 August 29, 2008
Disc 1: Disc 2: Disc 3:
Doug DVD = Season 2 Season 2 August 29, 2008
Disc 1: Disc 2: Disc 3:
Doug-Season3-DVD Season 3 December 8, 2009
Disc 1: Disc 2: Disc 3:
Doug-Season4-DVD The Best of Season 4 December 22, 2009
Disc 1: Disc 2: Disc 3:
Doug CompleteSeries The Complete Nickelodeon Series June 26, 2014
Disc 1:

Disc 2:

Disc 3:

Disc 4:

Disc 5:

Disc 6:

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