Drake & Josh Soundtrack
Length: 45:13
Released: March 8, 2005
Label: Nick Records

Drake & Josh: Songs from and inspired by the hit TV show is a soundtrack that features many of the songs from the Nickelodeon show Drake & Josh. It also features songs that weren't used in the show but were inspired by it.

The soundtrack also includes the theme song for Drake & Josh, Found a Way written by show star Drake Bell and Michael Corcoran. Though when this album was released the song was named "I Found a Way" which was the original name of the song until Drake's album Telegraph was released and then the named was permanently changed to Found a Way.

With the exception of "Soul Man" one of the shows most successful songs, the contributions on the soundtrack by Drake Bell are on his debut CD titled Telegraph.

Track listing

  1. "I Found a Way" – Drake Bell – 3:00
  2. "Chap Stick, Chapped Lips, and Things Like Chemistry" – Relient K – 3:09
  3. "All I Know" – Pepper's Ghost – 3:05
  4. "Uptight Staircase" – Hysterics – 3:09
  5. "Responsibility" – MxPx – 2:37
  6. "No One" – Stupid – 2:24
  7. "Can't Explain" – Cherry Monroe – 3:31
  8. "Down We Fall" – Drake Bell – 6:01
  9. "Because of Her" – Pepper's Ghost – 3:00
  10. "Highway to Nowhere" – Drake Bell – 4:00
  11. "Losin' You" – At Last – 3:54
  12. "Soul Man" – Drake Bell and Josh Peck – 2:25
  13. "Carry On" – Kyle Riabko – 4:59


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