"Dueling Rabbids" is a second segment in the fourteenth episode of Rabbids Invasion.


It episode starts that Steve is hitting the orange as far as he can using a baseball bat but failed. Tyler with the celery is saying that wrong and then say the rabbids out of the way. After that,he is checking if there wind. Steve shoots and hit three birds in one shot. Tyler laugh a little and said that Steve will be good next time. Steve got angry and tried to hit Tyler but Tyler dodge his attacks and are dueling. Frankie got so excited and wanted to do that and then Steve is about to fall off and Tyler is making an evil grinning face and asking him to say goodbye but were interrupted by Frankie cause the Steve get surprised. He is saying that they don't want to be interrupted and saying he cannot fight them without a weapon. Frankie ask that if they can use fists as their weapon but the Tyler says it cannot be used as a weapon and Frankie start being sad. Before that,he grab a toothpick and use as a weapon but Steve and Tyler laugh at him that the weapon is too small. Steve fell off the bench and continue laughing. Steve wasn't looking when Tyler was counter-attacking him. Then, Frankie saw a sausage and steal it. Steve tries to hit him but they heard and looked at him. Frankie is ready to duel but the sausage is pointing at down causing Steve and Tyler laugh and Frankie dosen't want them to show that sausage anymore. Tyler is trying to hit Steve but heard and looked at him again. Tyler tried to grab his weapon but it revealed to be a sidewalk lamp that he chose and fall. They laughed at him again but Steve is about to hit him with a baseball bat but misses. Frankie is getting sad but he saw a long wooden board and uses it as his weapon. Then, he bring it and was about to hit them but missed. They laughed at him. Frankie is trying to pull his weapon but got broke and still can be used as his weapon. A dog is hiding in the bushes and watching Frankie and then he goes after them. The women are playing tennis. Steve and Tyler are still dueling each other but they saw a tennis field and intervene. The ladies quit playing tennis and leave the tennis field. Steve hit Tyler using a tennis ball. He put many tennis balls and shooting at him. Frankie was at the tennis field whenSteve and Tyler came in. Frankie is calling them and do the same time. Before charging them, he start flashbacking and remember the same time he did It before. After that, he now charging them by showing it left and right but failed. Tyler laughs at him but the ball hit his mouth and chasing them. Frankie trying to get through but keep failing several attempts. Bob the dog saw Frankie trying to get through the fence. After that, he is pulling it until broken again. Frankie picks up the wood at his left hand and goes after them.

Meanwhile, Mona and her dog are sitting in the bus stop. Mona's dog start barking when Steve and Tyler are dueling each other and her dog got scared. Mona said that she will take care of this. She is hitting them with her cane very hard but Tyler borrow her cane and hitting the same time that Mona hits him. Then, she managed to stop him and getting her cane back. Tyler is asking her for her cane but Mona says that he talking to her and start dueling against the rabbids. Frankie saw them and trying testing his moves but his weapon hit Bob. He saw Bob and start running but he tripped at his weapon and moving far away. After that, he start becoming sad when Bob is catching his weapon. Mona finally defeats the rabbids. Frankie pick up the short wood and start crying. But he saw his weapon gone happy to get his weapon back and was ready to duel but Frankie looked at Bob that he knows Bob is starting to like him and Frankie gets a better idea. Mona's dog is about to attack Steve and Tyler but were stopped Frankie and Bob the dog. Mona's dog is defending Mona but got scared and run away. Mona is getting her dog back. Steve and Tyler are praising him by rescuing them and Frankie give the short wood at Steve and saying that he dosen't want to used that. Frankie gets his revenge and attacks Steve, by hitting him on the head with the board numerous times and Steve runs away and Frankie and Bob chase him while Tyler watches them alone and the episode ends.


  • This is the second segment to be a first episode of 2014.
  • The main antagonist(s):Mona and Fifi.
  • This is Mona's first major role.