Edison "Eddie" Miller is one of the main characters of House of Anubis. He first appeared on the show in the Season 2 episode House of Who? / House of Frauds and is currently one of the two Americans residing in Anubis House, the other being KT Rush. At first, he was a flirt until he started crushing on Patricia Williamson. He is the son of Mr. Sweet, the school's headmaster, however, his mother lives in America, since his parents are divorced. He is Nina's Osirian (just like Rufus was Sarah's Osirian) and is her destined protector. He is currently dating Patricia Williamson. He does have a sweet and sensitive side to him which is shown between the feuds with him and his father and in most "Peddie" scenes. He has become the main character in Season 3 and is continuing what Nina left, as she is not returning. In House of Unity, Amber voted Fabian to be leader of Sibuna, but Fabian elected Eddie because he's the Osirian and Fabian claims he's "a better wingman". Eddie is a brave and strong leader for the Sibuna gang. However, he has shown signs of recklessness and does not always come up with the best of plans. He and Patricia have always had their ups and downs, including a breakup, but they never really stopped liking one another. They got back together in House of Deceptions / House of Rainbows and kissed in House of Hog / House of Defeat and House of Ammut / House of Heroes. Eddie loses his Osirian powers in The Touchstone of Ra, but is still considered a hero to Patricia.


Eddie was a new character introduced in Season 2. He is a bad boy and has been expelled from his previous schools, but when he got to Anubis house, he told his father, Mr. Sweet, he'd like to stay because there were more things to stay for. One reason why Eddie grew up in America is that his father wanted to protect him, as he is the Osirian. It might also be the reason why his father joined the secret society. Eddie and his father are trying to re-build their relationship. For example, they have take out nights at the school together and sometimes they eat lunch together. He is the Osirian (protector of the Chosen One, Nina). Although they are supposed to protect the world together, bad things happen when the Chosen One and the Osirian stay together in the same place. In The Touchstone of Ra, Eddie sacrifices his Osirian powers to save the world.

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