Ellali is a student at the future leaders school known as the Greenhouse and is also one of the main characters of The Greenhouse. She is played by Gaia Shalita Katz.


Ellali is a young Israeli girl of about 16 with long black hair and blue eyes. She usually tends to wear mainly black, specifically a black hat and black leather jacket. She also wears some red lipstick.


In the Greenhouse it's shown that Ellali has a very justifiable personality and is always sticking up for what's right, even if it may cause a stir.


In the first season of the Greenhouse Ellali was placed in the Ravens team. There she met the likes of Dina, Matti and Alona. However the person she got along with the most was the team captain of the Ravens known as Iftach. Over the course of the season their bond gets stronger as they both discover they have a fondness for music and eventually end up saving the world together along with the other main characters.

However in the second season of the Greenhouse Ellali ends up dumping Iftach for Daniel Goren, due to the really strong bond she and him built over the investigation that she and Daniel were undertaking. This ultimately forces her to switch to the Eagles team, which also ends up with Natalie transferring to The Ravens. However at the end of season 2, Daniel sends Ellali back to Iftach, realizing that she and Iftach spend more time together and finding that they were meant to be.

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