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Endangered Species
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Genre: Comedy
Created by: Asaph Fipke
Country of origin: Canada
# of seasons: 1
# of episodes: 26
Running time: 22 minutes (11 per segment)
Original run: Nickelodeon Greece:
October 15, 2016 - present
Endangered Species is a Canadian animated series produced by Nerd Corps Entertainment and Teletoon. It's the second original Teletoon series to be aired on a Nickelodeon channel worldwide, after Rocket Monkeys.
It premiered on Nickelodeon Greece, on October 15, 2016.


Pickle the adrenaline-junkie bunny, Merl the safety-conscious squirrel, and Gull the naive but loving seagull find themselves in ridiculously dangerous--and always hilarious!--situations whenever they try to go about their daily life.


  • Pickle
    Pickle (voiced by Tabitha St. Germain) is an insanely optimistic, adrenaline-junkie bunny with a compulsive need to super-charge everything and have the best adventure day ever!
  • Merl
    Merl (voiced by Sam Vincent) is a paranoid and safety-conscious squirrel, which believes that a perfectly planned day and respect for the rules are the keys to surviving the dangerous and unpredictable world outside—and Pickle's plans for fun.
  • Gull
    Gull (voiced by Lee Tockar) is a garbage-loving seagull and may not be the brightest buoy on the ocean, but you'll never find a more adoring (and malodorous) buddy. The most important thing to Gull is that his two bestest friends are happy.

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