"Endgame" is the twelfth episode of The Legend of Korra, and also the last episode of the show's first season.


Bolin, Asami, and Iroh are captured by Hiroshi Sato and the Equalists, but rescued by Naga. While Asami and Bolin fight Hiroshi and his mecha-tanks, Iroh destroys the Equalist bombers. Korra and Mako confront Amon at an Equalist rally, and expose him as a bender. Amon denies it and reveals that he has captured Tenzin and his young family. Korra and Mako free them, but Amon overpowers Mako and Korra, and removes Korra's bending abilities except for her airbending, which she later uses against him. Expelled by her, Amon falls into the sea, and his escape unmasks him publicly as a waterbender. He flees Republic City, along with Tarrlok, who later explodes their boat and themselves. At the South Pole, Katara is unable to heal Korra's severance from water, earth, and fire. As Korra sits weeping at a cliff's edge, Aang's spirit fully restores her spiritual connection and bending abilities and Korra enters the Avatar State to restore Beifong's bending abilities. Everyone watches in awe and amazement with Tenzin addressing her as Avatar Korra.

Home video releases

  • The Legend of Korra - Book One: Air
  • The Legend of Korra - Book One: Air
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