The sixteenth episode of All That was the first episode of the show's second season. It is notable as the first episode to feature Lori Beth Denberg as Ms. Hushbaum, better known as the Loud Librarian.

Segment Description
Green Room The cast takes a look at some All That audition footage.
Good Burger Good Burger is filming its first-ever TV commercial. The manager tries to keep Ed from coming to work, but he shows up anyway and knocks out the actor in the commercial. Now Ed has to take his place. He quickly makes a horrible mess of things as usual.
Vital Information
Loud Librarian Nobody had better make a peep in Ms. Hushbaum's library. She'll scream at anyone who makes even the tiniest sound. Unfortunately for the students, though, Ms. Hushbaum is pretty noisy-she vacuums and sings "America, the Beautiful", bangs a gong, turns up the volume while watching TV, bowls and rides a motorcycle in the library.
Cooking with Randy & Mandy Apparently, all the chocolate consumed by Randy gives him a bad toothache. Mandy tries to do what she can to make it better. And, Randy can't take going without chocolate until the tooth is taken out.
Musical Guest Intro Ms. Hushbaum introduces Naughty By Nature.

This segment is cut from the episode's reruns on The '90s Are All That and The Splat.

Musical Segment Naughty by Nature performs "Clap Yo Hands".

This segment is cut from the episode's reruns on The '90s Are All That and The Splat.

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