The eighteenth episode of All That aired as the third episode of the show's second season.

Segment Description
Green Room The kids play a game of spin the bottle. However, instead of the bottle landing on a person, it lands on objects. The cast kisses such items like a chair, their squid, and Kevin!.
Coach Kreeton Coach Kreeton tries to get a cat out of a tree for a little girl.

This sketch was notably filmed on the same set used for Gullah Gullah Island. At one point, Coach Kreeton refers to the tree as a "crazy Gullah Gullah tree" in reference to this.

Dullmont Jr. High School Miss Fingerly gives her students a test. One student tries cheating, but Miss Fingerly stops her. The student proceeds to go to any lengths necessary to cheat.
Everyday French With Pierre Escargot
The Secret World of Alex Sax Larisa Oleynik guest-stars as Alex Sax, a parody of her starring character from a fellow Nickelodeon show.
Vital Information
Musical Guest Intro Ishboo and Da Brat play a game of Sponge Toss.

This segment is cut from the episode's reruns on The '90s Are All That.

Musical Segment Da Brat performs "Give It 2 You".

This segment is cut from the episode's reruns on The '90s Are All That.

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