The 25th episode of All That aired as the tenth episode of the show's second season.

Segment Description
Green Room The kids meet Santa and give him some odd requests for Christmas presents.
Cooking With Randy & Mandy Randy and Mandy show viewers some delicious chocolatey recipes for the holiday season. There's a turkey stuffed and basted with chocolate, some choco-motzah ball soup with chocolate balls and broth, and the Super Special Chocolate Milkshake, which is for any day!
The Adventures of Superdude While delivering some presents, Santa spies cookies and milk and tries to eat them-but he is trapped in a cage instead! Milkman is up to his usual tricks-he wants to ruin Christmas! He takes Santa to his secret lair, but Penny Lane soon shows up... along with Superdude, who was hiding in a giant present! Santa is freed and uses some karate on Milkman to beat him severely, leaving Superdude to save the day.
Everyday French with Pierre Escargot Pierre wishes us a "Joyeux Noelle" with his Christmasy phrases in French.
Lemonade Scammer
Peter & Flem Peter gets presents from Santa because he is a good boy. Flem gets presents, too - but only because he steals them.
The Girls' Christmas Carol This segment is cut from the iTunes release.
Musical Segment Mavis and Clavis introduce the musical guest - Run DMC, performing "Christmas In Hollis".

This segment is cut from the iTunes release.

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