"Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary" is the first segment of the sixteenth episode of The Fairly OddParents. It notably marks the first appearance of Remy Buxaplenty and his fairy godfather, Juandissimo Magnifico.


Timmy becomes suspicious of an rich boy named Remy when he notices that he can be better than him in many situations, even having the ability to be in the Crimson Chin comic book. He eventually comes to the conclusion that Remy has a fairy godparent. Unbeknownst to Timmy, Wanda knows who the fairy is but holds her tongue on the little secret, until he wishes she would tell him. Remy's fairy turns out to be Juandissimo Magnifico, Wanda's ex-boyfriend. Upon Remy discovering Timmy has fairies, he becomes jealous of Timmy having two fairies compared to his one, along with parents who love him. To this, Remy challenges Timmy to a Magical Duel, where the loser loses his fairies and forgets he ever had them.

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  • The Fairly OddParents: Season 2

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