"Falling Stars" is the third segment of the 136th episode of Rugrats.


The gang are at the park at night to watch the stars fall. In a fantasy salute to Star Wars, the Rugrats try to keep the stars from falling by fighting the Darth Vader-like force, Angelica, who is causing this phenomenon.

Home video releases

  • Rugrats: Christmas
  • Rugrats: Season 7


  • After July 30, 2001, this episode was inexplicably removed from US broadcasts, with "Wash/Dry Story" appearing in its place instead. The reasons for its removal from the reruns are unknown, but the episode was later included on the Rugrats: Christmas VHS in 2002. It was eventually reinstated in the US broadcasts around 2005, except it has since been broadcast alongside "Wash/Dry Story"'s partner episodes, "Bad Shoes" and "The World According to Dil and Spike", while "Wash/Dry Story" is still aired with "Dayscare" and "The Great Unknown". This is also how the episode is presented on the Rugrats: Season 7 DVD set. Confusingly, however, DirecTV's listings still describe this episode being partnered with "Dayscare" and "The Great Unknown".

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