"Falling Stars"
Season 7, Episode 136C
Tommy and Kimi investigate the Falling Stars.
Production code: 709C
Original air date: February 9, 2001
Written by: David Rosenberg
Directed by: Louie Del Carmen
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"The Great Unknown" "Changes for Chuckie"
"Falling Stars" is the third segment of the 136th episode of Rugrats.


The gang are at the park at night to watch the stars fall. In a fantasy salute to Star Wars, the Rugrats try to keep the stars from falling by fighting the Darth Vader-like force, Angelica, who is causing this phenomenon.

Home video releases

  • Rugrats: Christmas
  • Rugrats: Season 7


  • After July 30, 2001, this episode was inexplicably removed from US broadcasts, with "Wash/Dry Story" appearing in its place instead. The reasons for its removal from the reruns are unknown, but the episode was later included on the Rugrats: Christmas VHS in 2002. It was eventually reinstated in the US broadcasts around 2005, except it has since been broadcast alongside "Wash/Dry Story"'s partner episodes, "Bad Shoes" and "The World According to Dil and Spike", while "Wash/Dry Story" is still aired with "Dayscare" and "The Great Unknown". This is also how the episode is presented on the Rugrats: Season 7 DVD set. Confusingly, however, DirecTV's listings still describe this episode being partnered with "Dayscare" and "The Great Unknown".

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