"Family Feud"
Season 2, Episode 23B
Rugrats Family Feud
Production code: 210B
Original air date: November 8, 1992
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"Reptar on Ice" "Superhero Chuckie"
"Family Feud" is the second segment of the 23rd episode of Rugrats.


The Pickles and the Devilles stop being neighbors and start waging war over what used to be a friendly game of charades. Stu bickers with Howard because Howard does not go to the movies very often, while Didi argues with Betty because of Howard and the movies. Meanwhile, Tommy and Chuckie find ways to stop this foolishness, while Chaz is in the crossfire, having to return everything the neighbors borrowed from each other, as well as listening to their constant bickering.

Home video releases

  • Rugrats: Mommy Mania
  • Rugrats: The Best of Season 2
  • Rugrats: Season 2
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