Feetface Pic
Background information
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Nick Digital
Voiced by Ashleigh Ball
First appearance
Last appearance
Character information
Full name Unknown (possibly Feetface)
Species Human
Other names
Allies Moose A. Moose, Zee

Feetface was the first Noggin mascot on TV before Moose and Zee. He had been occurred from April 1, 2002 to April 6, 2003. She was the host when Noggin was for kids and teenagers. She got replaced with Moose & Zee on April 7, 2003. He was the 2nd Noggin host. He said goodbye in a mini short when Moose and Zee were the new hosts. She is still on the Noggin channel 34.


Feetface announcing "Play With Me Sesame"


Feetface announcing "Sesame Street"

Feetface Announcing Franklin

Feetface announcing "Franklin"


Feetface announcing "Little Bear"


List of announcement promos

TV Show Picture Question Wrong answers Answer
Play With Me Sesame Bert, Prarie, Grover and Ernie Which one of these sounds matches Play With Me Sesame? Blue barking, Clown honks "When We Say Play With Me You Say Sesame!"
Franklin Franklin What does Franklin say? Cow mooing, Airplane sound No Problem!
123 Sesame Street Elmo Which sound does Elmo make? Foghorn sound, Cricket chirping sound Elmo laughing
Little Bear Little Bear What will Little Bear say? Cat Meow, Boat horn sound

"Come out and play"

Maisy Maisy What does Maisy sound like? Sheep baa, train sound Maisy saying "Hi!"
Allegra's Window Allegra What does Allegra say? Old Bugle sound, Chicken sound Me, Allegra!
Gullah Gullah Island Binyah Binyah How does Binyah Binyah talk? Pig oinking, Fire Engine sound Small croaks/noises.
Kipper Kipper What would Kipper say? Horse neighing, Pig oinking. That's brilliant.
Blue's Clues Blue, Steve and Mr. Salt Which sound does Blue make? Duck quacking, Cow mooing. Blue Barking.
Dora the Explorer Dora and Boots What would Dora say? Maisy saying "Hi!", Sheep baa Hi, This is Dora the Explorer.
Bob the Builder Bob, Scoop and Pilchard What do Bob and the team say Fire Engine sound, Lion roaring Yes We Can!
Maggie and the Ferocious Beast Maggie and Beast What would Maggie and the Beast say? Shreiking sound, Duck quacking Let's Go!
Oswald Oswald What does Oswald say? Car squeaking, Foghorn sound Hi i'm Oswald
Tiny Planets Bing and Bong What does Halley say? Lion roaring, Jackhammering sound Halley calling Bing and Bong

Beforeshow game time promos (second set)

  • PWMS Shapes
  • Maisy Colors
  • Sesame Street Characters
  • BTB Crew

List of Game Time promos

The background music for the schedule game time promo depends on the background color per game.

Image Game TV Shows
1st, 2nd, 3rd Gullah Gullah Island, Blue's Clues, Allegra's Window
Beginning Letter Sounds Blue's Clues, Play With Me Sesame, Tiny Planets
Top, Middle, Bottom Tiny Planets, Sesame Street, Blue's Clues
1st, 2nd, 3rd Tiny Planets, Little Bear, Franklin

Beginning Letter Sounds

Tiny Planets, Sesame Street, Gullah Gullah Island

Top, Middle, Bottom

Bob the Builder, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, Maisy

1st, 2nd, 3rd Zoboomafoo, Maisy, Angelina the Ballerina


  • He has an unknown first name (Feetface is his unofficial name).

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