"Finsterella" is the 131st episode of Rugrats, and notably the first episode to air in the United States after the release of Rugrats in Paris: The Movie. As such, the episode chronologically takes place shortly after the events of the film, though it is actually the seventh episode produced for the season, and therefore the fourth post-Paris episode in production order.


After their trip to Paris, the entire gang is now back in the US, with Chas now a newly-married man, and Chuckie having gained a new mother and sister that he likes. But while Kira studies for a fairy tale play (which involves Cinderella), Angelica tricks Chuckie into thinking that he'll be living the same life as Cinderella, something he starts thinking is for real when Kimi starts mimicking Angelica. Meanwhile, everyone else gets ready for a party that will celebrate the newlywed couple's adoption of each other's child, a few weeks after their marriage.

Home video releases

  • Rugrats: Decade in Diapers - Volume 2
  • Rugrats: Decade in Diapers
  • Nick Picks 1
  • Rugrats: Season 7
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