The Fairly OddParents
"Fools Day Out"
Season 2, Episode 18A
Titlecard-Fools Day Out
Original air date: October 12, 2001 (Australia)
October 11, 2002 (USA)
Written by: Butch Hartman
Steve Marmel
Jack Thomas
Directed by: Gary Conrad
Butch Hartman
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"Twistory" "Deja Vu"
"Fools Day Out" is the first segment of the 18th episode of The Fairly OddParents.


Tired of being pranked by everyone (his parents, Cosmo, Wanda, his friends, and the rest of the citizens of Dimmsdale), Timmy summons the April Fool, the ultimate prankster. But, unknowingly to Timmy, once the April Fool starts, he doesn't know when to stop. Timmy must stop him before he destroys the Earth completely.

Home video release

  • The Fairly OddParents: Season 2

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