"For Emergencies Only" is the second segment of the 86th episode of The Fairly OddParents.


Timmy is sitting at the breakfast table and hopes for a delicious breakfast, but his mother gives him a hot, steaming bowl of a disgusting mix called "I'm not sure what this is!" Timmy wishes that he had some bacon and eggs, and smiles with delight and closed his eyes in hope of bacon and eggs, but whenever he opens his eyes he finds he has no bacon and eggs and the "I'm not sure what this is" is still there. Timmy's mom forces him to eat "whatever this is". Timmy's dad then walks over to him saying that it's Thursday and time to shave his back. Timmy says he wishes he didn't have to do this, but nothing happens. Timmy's dad then says that he has to put manure on the front lawn and that he got the extra fresh kind, and a real cow walks in. Timmy then storms up to his room, and angrily asks his fairies where they were that morning. The scene then shows Timmy's room covered with diapers and baby bottles, and Cosmo and Wanda are a mess. Wanda is shown holding a crying Poof, and Wanda says that they were busy taking care of Poof. Cosmo then poofs in and puts a baby bottle in Poof's mouth and reveals that they are taking their first family photo. Wanda then apologizes and says that they're totally there for him and says he's going to miss the bus. He walks outside to the bus stop, but then Francis appears and is going to beat up Timmy. Timmy wishes that he had huge muscles to pound Francis, but nothing happens, and Francis punches Timmy. The scene the shows Timmy's room and Timmy walks into his room with an upside down head.

Cosmo and Wanda are trying to calm Poof down because he was crying again. Timmy asks if anything seems different about him, and they answer not really. Timmy then reveals that his head is upside down and takes Wanda's wand and changes it back. Timmy says that Cosmo and Wanda aren't there for him anymore and he sits on his bed, depressed. Wanda is trying to calm Poof down still, but Poof then burps and sends Timmy flying against the wall. Wanda apologizes and says that they only have 2 hands and 2 wands. Timmy then says that he deserves his own magic wand. Wanda then says that only fairies with superior intelligence and quick reflexes can handle the power of a magic wand. It then shows that Cosmo diapered his face, then he smacks into a wall. "Fine, you can have a wand." Wanda says. She gives Timmy his own wand, and Timmy smiles and says that he can't wait to turn Francis into a urinal cake. Wanda says that the wand is only good for 10 wishes and if Timmy can't get through the day with 10 wishes, he's a bigger moron then Cosmo. Cosmo then has an upside down head and says he should go with an upside down head for the photo, but then he somehow trips in mid air and falls into a garbage can. "OK, no one can be a bigger moron then Cosmo!" So she sends Timmy off to school, but Timmy misses the bus and says it is an emergency. He poofs up a huge red truck/limo, and rides to school with style. Once he reaches school, Francis threatens to beat him. Timmy then wishes up two body guards, Moose and Rocko.


While trying to impress Trixie, Timmy wastes all his emergency wishes.

While Timmy is having fun at his school and wasting his magic wand on stuff, Cosmo and Wanda just got Poof settled down and Wanda is on the phone, talking to someone who will be taking their photo. She tells Cosmo that their photo will be at three o'clock. Then she puts a bow tie on Poof and says he looks so cute and tosses him up in the air, but Cosmo yells and says that he just fed him. Poof barfs on Wanda, then when Cosmo says that Poof did a good job, but then Poof barfs on Cosmo. Timmy is at school and is having lots of fun. He managed to get Trixie to hang out with him, and he poofed up a locker that has a swimming pool, disco ball, and other fun stuff. Trixie is happy and pleased with Timmy, but then the bell rings and she is apparently late for science class. She asks him if he wants to be his lab partner, and, of course, Timmy agrees. Trixie then says that all Timmy has to do is finish her science project which is due right now. Timmy says that it won't be a problem since he has like, 8 wishes left (not really). Trixie is confused, but then Timmy says it's nothing and Trixie drags him off to science class. Whenever they reach class, the teacher says that Trixie should demonstrate their mini robot first, which was the project. Timmy then says that their robot is parked right outside and that it starts out as an eco friendly gas guzzling super cool car, then transforms into a super cool robot. But whenever Timmy poofs the car into a robot, it goes crazy and starts destroying the school.

Timmy tries to unwish the wish, but it doesn't work because he is all out of wishes. He flees, but stops when Moose and Rocko grab him. Francis says that he stole lunch money from some third graders and gave it to Moose and Rocko, and now they work for him. Timmy flees again from Francis, and is being chased by everything that went wrong that day. Cosmo and Wanda hear him scream and they look out the window and find him running away from everything, and Wanda is mad because she knows this is about the emergency wand. They poof next to him, very angry. When they poof everything away, Timmy says that they should be getting home. Cosmo, And Wanda give him angry looks. Timmy is confused, and then Cosmo says that why didn't Timmy just call them whenever he ran out of wishes. Timmy says that he thought that they were too busy with Poof and didn't care about him anymore. Cosmo and Wanda agree that they haven't been paying attention to him lately and apologize. Wanda then gasps because they've missed their family photo appointment. Timmy wishes that they were on time for their appointment, and once they reach the photo shoot, Wanda thanks Timmy for getting them there on time. When Cosmo, Wanda and Poof pose for the photo, Wanda and Cosmo say that Timmy should get in the photo. Timmy then asks why Wanda wasn't bugging gim to get dressed that morning over and over. Wanda says that he was already dressed and that he doesn't eat, poop or spit up all over himself like Cosmo and Poof. Cosmo and Poof smile and blush. Cosmo says that he is apart of their family to and that they love him, and then Poof pops up from they couch and says, "Timmy!" Timmy smiles and sits down with Cosmo, Wanda and Poof. he gets their photo taken with them and everything is back to normal.

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